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1. What do I need to get started?
 To get started all you need is a completed application, bottled water, gym attire, and 180" hand wraps.

2. Is competing mandatory?
 No, choosing to compete is an individual choice.

3. Are there any additional services available to youth who do not wish to box?
 Yes. Gifted Hands Boxing Academy offers, Exhale, a youth support group held every first Saturday 11:00 - 12:30. "Building confidence through positive communication over food while having fun"

4. How do I volunteer my time?
Gifted Hands Boxing Academy's Exhale Youth Support Group is seeking volunteer instructors in the following areas: Coding, Dance, Music, Art (guided/freelance), Chess.

Please contact: Carol Goss - 203-993-9901

5. How do I make my tax deductible financial donation?

 Make checks payable to :
Gifted Hands Boxing Academy
2676 Fairfield Avenue, Second Floor 
Black Rock, CT 06605


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